Hijab Style Tips This Summer

Hijab is a scarf worn by Muslim women. An important part of Islamic clothing tradition, hijab symbolizes modesty and simplicity. This scarf is usually worn around the head. One can recognize Muslim women with this scarf. There are different types of hijab. While some of them cover only the head, some others provide full coverage till the waist.

Hijab for women is no longer just an ordinary piece of clothing. It has become much more fashionable during recent years. To look stylish in a hijab, you need to wear it in the right manner. For instance, tying the hair in a bun and wearing the hijab gives a neat look. Similarly, you can wear this scarf in many other ways and flaunt classy looks. By experimenting with different styles of tying the hijab, you can figure out which one is best-suited for you. For summers, there are a number of styles for you to try with hijabs.

Here are some guidelines you should follow while you wear hijabs this summer:

Pick the Right Fabric

The hijab you choose to wear for the summer should have been designed from a lightweight fabric. Cotton, silk, rayon, linen, georgette, chambray and seersucker are the most suitable fabrics for summer. These are breathable fabrics that allow proper circulation of air and thus keep you cool while you wear the hijab. Besides being breathable, the fabric also needs to be thick enough to hide the skin tone of the wearer......

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