Are you coming Nov 24th or what?

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mengachepaca 3 years ago
Lakewood Events Organizer

Would love to see everyone there this week! Who is going?

juanito (+1) 3 years ago
Caroline Simpson (+4) 3 years ago
? cicihunter 2 years ago

I might be going i live very far away so i will half to fly

jim 3 years ago

Hilario at Barrio

Monday night comedy show at Barrio in Lakewood featuring "Bam Bam" Bill Squire! For tacos + tequila + whiskey and now comedy – join us at Barrio in Lakewood. Free admission. Doors open at 930p

Every Monday at 10:00pm Bill Squire hosts a FREE open mic comedy showcase with the help of Cody Cooper.

11/24 - Ino Gjermeni, Chris Mackar, Ashlee Monroe, David lamka, Jake Solomon, Kris Wernowsky, and Mark Colella!

12/1 - Rob Telecky, Dan Fallone, Tim Wolfe, Steve Mers, John Marshall, Vinny Marmash, Greg Orosz, Micheal Ivy and Gary Lee!

12/8 - Nicki Blade, Adam Janovyk, Nancy Remley, Mary Carson, Josh Volchko, Dan Nemeth, and Randy Brown!

12/15 - Jasmine Duncan and Shannon Norman!

Find us on Facebook or in the actual, physical world:
@ 15527 Madison Ave
(between Marathon & Crafty Goodness)

For Contact & To Sign Up:

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3 years ago

Eggsellent! I've heard some funny stuff here before.

3 years ago

TONIGHT – Sean Jaundice, Dan Nemeth, Angel Isaac, James Earl Brassfield, Dan Fallone, Ian Moore, John Marshall, and Alexandra Morse... and of course Cody Cooper & Bill Squire! Get Tacos. Get Laughs. Get to Barrio!

3 years ago

That Cody Cooper ... the guy is full of laughs!