Hip Outsourcing Exec (01 Jan 2015)

Hip Outsourcing Exec is a lazily occasional roundup of outsourcing, BDSM (business development, sales & marketing), culture, and curator rants for HOEs and other blokes uninterested in proving themselves. Reflectively curated by Jay Manahan.


Are BPO and ITO asleep at the wheel? HfS Research thinks so, with Xerox and Atos as exceptions to an industry still so dependent on labor-driven models and slow to adopt As-A-Service disruption.


The New Year is nice and all, but if this was the best that 2014 had to offer, it was pretty much a ho-hum year for sales disruption, don't you think?


Daudi Matsiko's A Brief Introduction to Failure. Listen to this collection and try not to need therapy again. But don't try too much. Because Matsiko is a great companion either way.

From the Curator

As usual, another confluence of philosophy, outsourcing, and indie rock expecting to be under-appreciated and misinterpreted. Happy new year! Again.

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