His Hands Church

Celebratory Worship, Community, and Service

About His Hands Church

A nondenominational Christian worship center, self-described as “nonreligious,” His Hands Church welcomes congregants from all walks of life. Volunteer leaders Steve and Susan Craig established the church in 2005 as a place where people could come to experience the all-powerful love of Jesus Christ. Nearly a decade later, His Hands Church continues to host a weekly “party” on Sunday, where Jesus is the focus and no rules exist other than those set forth by God. The party takes place in the church's Woodstock, Georgia, location, a former Kmart that the church completely renovated and includes a light-filled worship center, an indoor playground, a coffee shop, and more.

His Hands Church celebrates with joy the belief that God loves each and every one of His children. Weekly congregants rejoice in this love, using high-energy worship music. They express love for other people through service projects, outreach ministries, and fellowship groups. The church also offers child care for little ones from six months of age through kindergarten, while children's and youth religious education provides God-centered community to elementary, junior high, and high school students. Junior high and high school students meet several times per week at gatherings such as Thursday Night High School and Friday Night @ Blue Light.

Services at the Cherokee Family Violence Center

Based in Woodstock, Georgia, His Hands Church believes firmly in the love and power of God. His Hands Church expresses this love by supporting a number of charitable organizations in its region, including the Cherokee Family Violence Center.

The Cherokee Family Violence Center (CFVC) in Canton, Georgia, works toward putting a stop to domestic violence in Cherokee County as well as raising awareness in the larger community posed by violence in the home. The CFVC seeks to assist individuals in Cherokee County by providing a long list of services that range from a multilingual, 24-hour hotline and secure emergency center to accompanying victims of domestic violence to their court appearances.

The CFVC also focuses on the psychological trauma that often accompanies physical violence in the home. Individuals who contact the organization can receive in-person crisis counseling or be put in contact with support groups that cater to both adults and children. Additional services include a 15-week domestic violence education group, affordable medical services, a court-watch program, and a teen violence awareness program.

Buying Happiness

His Hands Church of Woodstock, Georgia, was founded in 2005 in an old K-Mart building. One of the defining tenets of His Hands Church is that to love people, you need to help them. The church’s focus on charity and giving, both to organizations and in the community, defines what it means to be Christian. Furthermore, being generous with one’s money provides a sure way of achieving personal happiness and fulfillment.

Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton and colleagues from the University of British Columbia, Lara Aknin and Elizabeth Dunn, found that spending money on others makes people happier than spending money on themselves. In fact, their studies found that how someone spends his or her money has a greater effect on happiness than how much money he or she makes.

The main study asked participants to rate their happiness early in the morning. Participants then received either $5 or $20, with the instruction to spend it before the end of the day. Some participants were told to spend the money on themselves for bills, fun, or a personal gift. The remaining participants were instructed to donate the money to charity or spend the money buying a gift for someone else. At the end of the day, the experimenters asked the participants to again rate their happiness. They found that those they instructed to be charitable with their money reported a higher level of happiness than those who spent it on themselves.

So while the Bible instructs us to be charitable and serve those around us, it would seem science concurs! If ever you’re unsatisfied with how happy you are, ask yourself, “Am I giving enough?”

The Importance of Church Youth Groups

A non-denominational church in Woodstock, Georgia, His Hands Church, helps individuals find and give God’s love. Operating out of a formerly abandoned Kmart building, His Hands Church maintains a number of programs focused on fostering love, including several youth groups for individuals of various ages.

Youth church groups play a vital role in communities. Not only do they carry the love of God to a new generation, they provide a safe environment where youth can feel as if they belong. Young individuals, particularly teenagers, need to feel a sense of community. They are often surrounded by hate and bullying at schools, but youth groups encourage and lift them up. In doing so, these groups prevent unhealthy outlets that youth may turn to, such as drugs or alcohol. These groups also provide passionate mentors to support and inspire youth.

In addition, youth groups prepare young individuals for life-long worship of God. Many youth groups accept members who are either part of the hosting church or part of the community. This allows individuals to return to a church of their choice to continue their education of God’s word. Often times, these youth groups host community activities that teach participants about giving back. As a result, young individuals have a mission and a purpose that positively impacts their future.

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