Modern Warfare WW1

Machine guns

Machine guns were first introduced in the 1914's. With the machine guns ability to fire over 400-600 small-calibre round per minute, it could easily wipe out waves of opponents. The Germans were the first one's who truly used the machine gun to their advantage. The guns were often put in flat tripods so that they could be used in defensive positions. Not only did machine guns drive out soldiers from the battlefield, but also prevent them from attacking safe trenches, dug-outs, and also fortifications. The only downside to these guns was that they could easily overheat, making them defective. However, with the use of cooling mechanisms, they could begin to work again.


Tanks, which were first introduced by the British in 1916, was one of the most advantageous weapons used. With the speed of machine guns, it was nearly impossible for any group of armies to go against them,  but with the use tanks on the other hand, it was very possible. Tanks were heavily armored vehicles that move on chain tracks, allowing it to easily move through tough terrain. Furthermore, these large combat vehicles could go against arms of fire, making it nearly inevitable to escape alive.


Submarines, otherwise known as u-boats, were a very useful and effectice war tactic introduced by the Germans. The torpedo, which was an underwater missile, eliminated over 1.4 million tons of allied supplies. With no supplies, people such as the Russians were short on guns, ammunition, clothes, boots, and blankets.

Poisonous Gas

Poisonous gas was first introduced by the Germans. They created vast amounts of multiple chemicals to be used during the war. In April, 1915, the Germans sprayed over 150 tons of lethal chlorine gas against the allies. Soldiers often wore gas masks to protect themselves, but without the proper protection, some gases could cause blindness, severe blisters, and choking, all of which could lead to death. Gases could also easily travel down into trenches, which was absolutely unavoidable. According to, "more than 100,000 tons of chemical weapons agents were used in World War I, some 500,000 troops were injured, and almost 30,000 died, including 2,000 Americans" ("Germans Introduce Poison Gas").


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