xyy syndrom

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         1,2,and3 questions http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turner_syndrome 4Symptoms of 47 XYY syndrome -  5 RightDiagnosis.com.XYY syndrome -             6Wikipedia, the fre Xyy Syndrome Essay : 7,8, and 9http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klinefelter_syndrome

1 what is your disorder

xyy syndrome  

2.Explain the disorder?  What is the definition of it?

A genetic disorder where there is one extra x


3.What causes the disorder?

there is a error in the chromosomes during

anaphase II called nondisjunction

4.What are the symptoms associated with the disorder?

boy grow taller during childhood, lower intelligence

score, delay speech problem, and behavior problems

5.Is it a dominant, recessive, or sex-linked disorder?

it is sex linked disorder

6.How common is the disorder?  (How frequently does it


1 to every 1000 boys have xyy syndrome

7.How is it detected or diagnosed?  (Are there specific tests

that are done to diagnose the disorder?)

a lack of  sexuaul aperence in a young age.

8.Is there a cure for the disorder or ways to manage the


no there is not it occurs from the DNAwhichh usually

there is no cure.

9.If a person has the disorder, can they pass it down to their


there is a y added to

video http://youtubemyway.com/download.php?vq=tYvfps_trYk video http://youtubemyway.com/download.php?vq=tYvfps_trYk video http://youtubemyway.com/download.php?vq=tYvfps_trYk pic


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