1. Homefront Tackk
Garrett 14
1863 December 19
Santa Clause

Eat, work on the farm, fead the animals on the farm. Milk the cows.

2. I hope I dont die I  miss you very much. I miss you very much i cant wait to get back home to be with you. I will be back soon to see you cant wait till this war is over.

3. I helped the war by shotting at the emines and particapating in the war. I am happy I have done this to help the war. I have helped others in the war to save all the people. I have tried the hardest I could have done.

4. I am very happy what my loves one has told me and my familys reaction to my letter to them. I am happy she is still loved me, and hasnt lefted me.

5. I am proud of Lincolns job That he has done in the war and he got us all through it. I think Lincoln has done a great job at being the president.

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