2014 STOP bullying !

If I was in this situation, I would have felt pier pressured into doing it. I wouldn’t have wanted to do this but if they would have persuaded me enough I would have thought about doing it. I wouldn’t have wanted this to happen to me because I would have been embarrassed just like this boy. If I was in this group I would have told them to stop because they wouldn't want this to happen to them. Maybe they would have thought about if they should have done it. If I had done this I would have felt ashamed and apologized to him, just like they should have.

That nobody cares so they can keep doing it. You could tell somebody so they can do something about it. We have stood up for him and people saw us and saw what else it can do so they might act out and do the same. It shows them that they are not going to bully anymore, because if they do, they will get in trouble.