8MEH.1.1 Decision Making Scenario
Scenario 2


Step 1: Situation- Marie has all above average grades in all classes except science. She would like to play basketball in high school next year. You need to pass all grades in order to play a sport. A special summer science school will help her improve science. She also wants to go to basketball camp that opens at the same time as science school. Marie has two weeks before she either has to sign up for basketball camp or summer science school. What should she do?

Step 2: Options- She can either go to Special summer sceince school or go to basketball camp

Step 3: Possible Outcomes- Even if she goes to the basketball camp it will not help with her grades so next year she still wouldn't bb able to play basketball. If she goes to the summer science school then she will have all her grades above average and she will be able to play basketball next year.

Step 4: Values- The values for science camp are that she gets her grades up and basketball camp helps her basketball skills.

Step 5: Make a Decision- I think Marie should go to the summer science camp

Step 6: Evaluate- She should go to the summer science camp because she would be able to get her grades up and then she will be able to play basketball next year.

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