My PAAC Digital portfolio 2014-2015

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E-Mail & Blogs

One thing that i learned in this unit was how to send links to another and also how to share you're protects whit someone else . Another thing that I learned was how to create a blog and share it by e-mail.

Digital Photography

A thing that i learned about digital photography was how to upload them to the computer and how to pass them from one place to another

Keynote presentation

In this unit i learned how to use another software to make presentations. What i learned in keynote was how to upload pictures just like in any other software. I also learned how to add links that you can just click and it will take you directly in the website linked.


In the video productions unit I learned how to make a movie in iMovie . I also learned how to but or transfer the pictures from my camera to the make a movie.

sound engineering

In sound engineering i learned how to mix music and i also learned how i can copy and paste music from a specific site


In photoshop i've learned a lot . I learned how to blend pictures how to do different layers   of pictures how to change color tone ect.


In pages i learned how to do flyers and it also helped me whit my blog in adding more things


In animation i learned how the movements in cartoons where made before the technology was 100 times better than now

fashion design

In fashion designing i learned how people who make fashion try to thing ahead before anybody to see what could be trendy or what will be trending in the future

game design

I learned how games where created and also how by the pass of years each games has comed 100 times better the the game before that

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