Austrailian Outback Ecosystem

(Biotic living or have lived.  Abiotic not alive or never lived)

This picture shows a kangaroo crossing in Australia. It also show sheet metal(the sign) that is abiotic. And trees in the background which is biotic. And rocks that are abiotic. 

This picture shows two kangaroos(biotic animals) mid-hop and some shrubs that are also biotic. This picture also shows interaction between biotic and abiotic biotic being the two kangaroos and abiotic being the dirt that they are jumping on.

This picture shows how most animals have to eat each

this picture shows a small part of the Australian outback this picture shows a lot of rocks, sand, dirt and shrubs plus a beautiful. In this picture the abiotic element is the soil and the shrubs are the biotic elements.

Offroading  is negative human impact on the Australian  because it kills many animals, pollutes the air with gas and all over disrupts the ecosystem. In this picture the abiotic element is the vehicle  and the biotic element is the trees in the back round.

A positive human interaction with the Australian out back is human are encouraged to hunt bunny 's because they are considered pests because they eat the plants that live in the outback.

Made and produced by Sawyer Hill

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