Flight Teachnology

Session 1

In session one we learmed about parts of a plane and looked how a plane flyies. We also whent through a wir foil program looking at how the speed and presher of air is around the wing.

Session 2

In session two we started built a wing modle that we would test later. We also lerned about diferant lifts and how that happens.

Session 3

In session three we finished our wing and we also finished learning about lift.

Session 4

In session four we tested our wing models made in the previous sessions. We also tested to see how it reacts in wind aginst the wing.

Session 5

In session five we learned how to use the flight simulator. We also learned how to fill out a log book like a real pilot.

Session 6

In session six we continued to usethe flight simulator and we performed basic flight monomers.

Session 7

In session seven we used a navigational plotter to determine the destruction and distance of a flight being planned.  We also used the flight simulator to test that.

Pilot Career

While using the flIght simulator we learned what it would be like to fly a plane.  We also demonstrated how to fill out the log book. A pilot is a very fitting career accosted with flight technology.

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