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Canada has a prime minister who's name is Stephan Harper. A prime ministers job is to run the executive branches of legislatures and judicials. Stephan Harper is like the "president" of Canada and helps makes decisions that the citizens need help with or to benefit Canada as a whole.

Stephan Harper is the current prime minister of Canada.

Canada has many different kinds of culutures in it resulting from migration of early settlers. Multiculturalism is the diversity of culture within a country. Hobbies such as fishing and hunting are just some of the similarities between the US and Canada.

Yukon fishing paradise in Canada.

Canada has many industries because they import and export on a daily basis. Industry is the manufacturing of goods and products. Canada exports products such as oil,wood, and gold to the United States.

Many people in Canada are bilingual people. Bilingual means to speak two or more languages fluently. The most common language you will hear will be french but ask someone a question in English and they will or should respond to you in English as well as French!

Many people in Canada can speak two or more languages fluently

Canada has many ways exporting and importing goods because of Transportation Corridors. Transportation Corridors are pieces of land that help you reach a destination with ease. Highway 401 in Canada is a common highway used to export goods to other countries.

Canada also has many transportation barriers. A Transportation barrier is any piece of land that blocks your path of exporting goods or products with ease. The most common barrier are Canada's beautiful mountains!

Jasper National Park in Alberta Canada

Canada's government system is considered a constitutional monarchy. A Constitutional Monarchy type of government has a king/queen who is like a "mascot" for the country meaning they have almost no power in the decision making. Queen Elizabeth the 2nd is the current Queen of Canada.

Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

Canada has many exports as well as imports. Exports are goods or shipments of things being sent to another country to be sold there. One of Canada's export locations is the United States.

70% of Canadas exports go to the U.S

Pierre Trudeau is an important person in Canada's history because of the actions and risks he took for freedom and rights. If it weren't for Pierre, then the people of Canada may not have had the freedom of speech, religion, the right to vote, or to be assigned a lawyer if arrested as they do today. This law he fought to be passed is known as the Charter of Rights.

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