Western Cordillera

By:Kristina Novakovic


It is a Maritime Climate, the Western Cordillera is located near oceans so the ocean currents and moist air will affect the climate.

-It is great for skiing because the temperature range is 14.8˚C, effective for skiing because it is not cold and it is not too hot therefore the snow will not melt.

Family Skiing:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MZD2w8Ks_k

                                          Physical Region

-Relief: Mountains act like barriers forcing on shore winds up and water vapour to fall as precipitation

-High amounts of precipitation and Leeward side to be very dry due to air warming which is going down the side of the mountain

-It is composed of large steep mountains

-Western Cordillera Is Divided Into Different Sections With Different Types Of Rocks.

-Eastern Mountains (Rocky & Columbia Mountains) - Sedimentary, Metamorphic

- Rocky - Entirely made up of Sedimentary Rock.

-Interior Plateaus - Igneous, Metamorphic, and Valuable Metals

-Coast Mountains (Coast Mountain Range & Island Mountain Range) - Igneous, Metamorphic        



-The  Western Cordillera consists of Fjords

-Leaching: -Region with plenty precipitation

-Water percolates through different soil layers, transferring nutrients along with it

-Removes nutrients from the plants/crops, since water takes away nutrients from topsoil (A Horizon), and deposits it into the bedrock (C Horizon)

-Causes O Horizon to be thin, since nutrients are taken away, which leaves for unfertile soil, not good for growing crops

-Deposits nutrients to different layers of rock


- 60 million cumulative ski- and snowboard-days, adding up to a $3 billion businesses in the U.S.

Skiing is a great activity especially in the western Cordillera because the mountains are very high and it will be great weather for expericancing a nice holiday with your family.

Skiing is a very popular sport and it will be a great thing to do when you visit in the western cordillera with great veiws and great mountains.


                                                      The Natural Disasters

-The  mountains in this region were formed by earthquakes

-Interior Plateaus were formed by volcanic activity

-Earthquakes occur when rocks beneath the ground abruptly move positions. This sudden motion makes the ground shake, sometimes with great violence.

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