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Are you ready to enter the world of baseball? If so, this tackk guide you through the amazing world of baseball including, other facts, baseball, how to play, what you need, fielding, batting and have fun.

Other Facts

Baseball games take place at a baseball field. Baseball fields have dirt and grass. But make sure if you play at night, you will need some lights because if you don’t have any lights, you won’t be able to see. Baseballs are not very big and they are white with red laces.

How to play

You would throw the ball like you would chuck a piece of paper. You would catch the ball in the hood of your glove. You would hit the ball with the bat by swinging it. The bat could be made by wood or steel. On your team you need at least 9 players because you need 3 in the outfield and 6 in the infield.

What you need

You need a baseball, a glove, a bat and a uniform. A glove can be any color and they are made of leather. There are 3 different kinds of gloves, regular gloves, a catcher’s mitt and a first base man’s mitt. A bat is long and you have to make sure it has a stamp on it or it is illegal.


The main thing you need to field with is a glove. Fielding is where you receive the ball. So this is how it works, the pitcher throws the ball to the catcher and tries to throw it down the middle which it’s called a strike, so if the pitcher throws a good pitch the batter will try to swing and hit the ball. If he hits it, then the ball will go somewhere on the field. Either on the ground or in the air you will have to try to get him out.


Batting is where you hit the ball. If the pitcher throws a pitch and you swing but miss it’s called a strike if you watch it go and it goes somewhere crazy it’s called a ball only if you don’t swing. You can get 4 balls and get a free base or you can get 3 strikes and get out. Sometimes you can be safe by a strike 3 past ball. You can hit the ball and get a single, double, triple or a homerun! If you hit the ball and someone catches it. Then it is an out.

Have Fun

Baseball is all about fun. All you have to do to have fun is, be a good sport, don’t worry about every little thing, play well and cheer on your team mates!


So all you have to do in baseball hit balls, catch balls, throw balls and have fun.


Baseball: A ball that is small round and, a very popular sport.

Glove: What you use to field with, made of leather.

Leather: Made from cows.

Receive: To get.

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