The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is a very thrilling book, and will change the way you look at things. The detail in this book is awesome and does not bore you at all. There are cliff hangers, obstacles, tragedies, and freaky parts to this awesome book. This book keeps you reading till you fall asleep at night from staying up to late.

The author, James Dashner, lives in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. He lives there with his family. He has four kids, which might seem a lot to you, but he thinks it’s just right. Dashner considers himself the luckiest person on the planet.

He has also written some other books, and created the rest of the deadly Maze Runner series. The rest of the books from the second book to the fourth complete what these teenage boys you saw in the video were put through by The Creators. The Creators are people who wiped these teenagers memories of everything except basic skills in life that are needed to survive in the maze. Along this deadly journey, Thomas is introduced to the new way of life and how strict they are too keep the people safe in the glade or ass we would say, the city. The glade is nothing like a city to us, there is one building that was made over time and is very unstable and could break if a griever ever escapes the maze. Imagine being watched at all times and you could never do anything about it, that's what is happening to the teens in this book.

Thomas, the main character has a very strong personality. He is very committed and will make sacrifices for the good to happen, instead of the bad happening. He is a teen who created a great community for the gladers that understood what he was doing.

Minho, the leader of the runners, the people who scavenge the maze for a way out, is a strict person. He is a very strict but strait and direct leader, which helps him with his job. The runners cannot make dumb decisions or they will ninety-five percent of the time kill themselves. Minho, unlike Thomas, will quit. He does not have as strong of a drive as Thomas to not quit and keep going. Minho, after Thomas does something for him, becomes Thomas's friend and gives Thomas something he really wants.

Chuck, the youngest kid in the maze, has a very sad story. He is only about the age of a seventh or eighth grader. Chuck is not old enough, or fast enough to be a runner, and for almost everything is not strong enough or is so young he does not understand. In this case you become a slammer, which is the cleaners. All you do is clean after a slaughter, clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchen, or you get to go and prepare everything for everybody else. Chucks only friend was Thomas. Chuck's life changed in the extra time he was with Thomas.

Alby, the leader of the teens, is a very committed person to his job. He will keep order all through-out the glade, if it has to be the worst punishment of all, banishment. He rarely results in it, but to not make people think it is okay to be crazy, he will do a banishment if needed.

Newt, the second in charge, is also a believer in order. He is not as strict and makes the gladers/teens have less to do, but will do a banishment if needed also. A really good trait about Newt is that friendship will not affect any of his decisions. He otherwise is one of Thomas's really good friends.

Gally, is the greatest believer in order. He believes that a banishment should be a regular punishment, and the greatest punishment is an offering, which is tying the person to a pole in the maze for the grievers to get the person. He also really does not like Thomas, and thinks he has seen him before, since he has gone through The Changing. Gally is the person who will keep under control, but at the same time will not tolerate anything that there is not a reason for.

All in all, the glade is an amazing place to have a book that is as good as The Maze Runner for a purpose that is teaching every reader that it takes a lot of work and commitment to complete the task that was put at hand for the teens to complete. The only way to complete this mission is having a strong push to complete the task at hand, the friendship, and the cooperation to survive is what we don't see sometimes in the world because everything is there for us and we can’t complete anything without it being there.

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