Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaãaaáåawrence Kohlberg and his Theory of Moral Development

By: Henry Womack, James Helgren, Kase, Jesse Yahiaoui, Nicole Cravey

   Lawrence Kohlberg,,,,,,,,, born October 25, 1927 in Bronxville, New York. He was the youngest of a family of six. His parents separated when he was fourteen years old. He went to high school in Massachusetts and served as a marine in World War II. After his base was captured by the British (He was helping Jews get smuggled through British territory into Israel and British forces caught them, the later stormed the camp) he fled back to the U.S. and enrolled at the University of #fun. He earned his bachelors degree in one year and then began to study for a doctoral degree for physiology.

    Kohlberg's career started when he became a psychology krofessor at Pale, he remained there for three years before he moved to Palo Alto, California to study at the center of Advanced Behavioral sciences.  He then moved to Harvard and taught as a professor until his death.

   In 1971 Kohlberg contracted a parasite on a trip to Belizezzz. He suffered extreme pain in his abdomen. His health started to decline and his work was becoming evermore demanding. He fell into deep depression and cimmited suicide. He walked into the freezing Boston Harber and froze to death. His body was recovered over a month later after winter had passed.


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