Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico's Location

Puerto Rico is located near the Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of the Dominican Republic.

What is the land like in Puerto Rico

The country is very mountainous. Covering more than 60% of Puerto Rico. There are rain forest, deserts, beaches, caves, oceans, and rivers. Puerto Rico has three land regions, the mountainous interior, the coastal lowlands, and the karst area. Karst is a landscape formed by the dissolution of soluble rocks including, limestone, dolomite, and gypsum. It is formed by sinkholes, caves and underground drainage systems.

This is a karst landform.


The climate fall into the tropical climate zone. The temperature ranging year round from 80 degrees in the lowlands and 70 in the mountains. Easterly winds travel across Puerto Rico every day of the year depending on the climate. If it rains in Puerto Rico, the tropical storm only lasts from one to two hours in one day. Hurricanes form near Puerto Rico near mid - September.


Puerto Rico has a democratic and republican government like United States. Puerto Rico is a self-governing country in association with United States. The chief of Puerto Rico is the president of the United States of America. The head of their government is their governor. They have to branches of government, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. Their money is the same as US money. For example, their one dollar bill is the US one dollar bill. Industry has passed agriculture as the primary sector of economic activity and income. Encouraged by duty free access to the U.S. and by tax incentives, U.S. firms have invested heavily in Puerto Rico since the 1950s. As a result, Puerto Rico's export and import has prospered, nearly doubled between fiscal years 1987 and 1997.

Tourist Attractions

There are many tourist attractions in Puerto Rico. One of those many are, The Camuy River Cave Park. This cave system is the third largest cave system in the world, stretching for around 300 acres of the system. When you enter the cave there is a sinkhole that is 150 feet deep. The biggest sinkhole in the cave system.  

This cave system was formed near a karst land form, so, their are a lot of entrances to the system.

Their is also a water park called Las Cascadas Water Park. The water park is just like many other water parks including food and restaurants.

Interesting Facts About Puerto Rico

- Puerto Rico is considered a part of the United States. Its official name is the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

- Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1493. He named it San Juan Bautista, after John The Baptist.

- Basketball, volleyball, and boxing are the three main sports played in Puerto Rico.

- The largest telescope in the world is located in Puerto Rico examining asteroids and see if they could get to close to Earth.

- The widest part of the island is only 40 miles.

This is Puerto Rico's Telescope.

Important Holidays

Puerto Rico has the same holidays and celebrate the same holidays as the United States. They also celebrate the day their country was discovered (November, 19). They also celebrate leaders of their country's birthdays.


Their Flag.
Puerto Rican Money.
Puerto Rican people celebrating Independence Day.

Extra Facts

Puerto Rico does not have volcanoes but they have a massive trench. Their trench is the second largest in the world. They also have mud volcanoes where you can stand right on top of it and wait for it to spray mud all over you. They have many beaches around the country and is very mountainous.

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