Henrico County

Henrico County is: 245 Square Miles

Henrico County's Population is: 314,932 people

Henrico county is: Urban Community

Henrico County has free public schools

# of high schools: 10

# of middle schools: 13

# of elementary schools: 45


Henrico county has many big businesses

Businesses in Henrico:

-Capital One

-Henrico Doctors' Hospital


-Bank of America



-Wells Fargo


-SunTrust Banks

-Martin's food market

Seal: http://cvwma.com/cvwma-locations/henrico-2/
Henrico + sorounding areas: http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSKS61GRDvCaaMDIIL1-8uj3b43Lj5OZmvuTr-MiT16y77f1_Bs:https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/images/7/7b/Henrico_County_Boundary_Map.JPG

Henrico county's government has

Executive Branch: County Manager

Legislative Branch: Board of Supervisors

Judicial Branch: District and Circuit Courts

County Departments


Sheriff’s Office:

- deals with county jail

- transportation of prisoners

- security in court

Division of Police:

-protects Henrico citizens

- Head of police force

-crime protection

Voter registration and elections:

- registration


- holds records of voter registration, elections, election officials, and candidates.

County Services

Crime Prevention:

-robbery prevention

-pedestrian's safety

-home security

Child Protective Services (CPS):

-child protection

-adoption services

-helps neglected children

Food Safety:

-safe food handling inspections

-rabies information

-Day care facility inspections

Here are some fun facts


-Henrico county is 380 years old!

-Henrico comes from the name Henricus

-it is a tourist site because of all the battles from the civil war

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