Future America
Year 3000

Thesis 1

America will be focused on artificial intelligence. Everyone will be obese and have nothing to do with their lives having a machine doing everything for them.

If you remember the movie Wall-E, then thats my opinion on what'll happen.

  • floating chairs
  • hologram screens playing in front of you
  • robots to clean you
  • robots to feed you
  • robots to move you

With this happening there will be no longer be:

  • human activity
  • human knowledge
  • human reproduction
  • human extinction

Thesis 2

The world will have an astroid coming to towards earth and everyone has to leave or die.

Unfortunately US citizens were the only ones able to leave The rest of America will leave and inhabit another planet while Earth is reforming like it has today, billions of years later. Reforming the same way that we have and advance into technology thousands of years earlier thinking that they have found Aliens, but we are just billions of generations ahead forms of humans with many robots.