Buy motor insurance the necessity of Singapore

Buy insurance for your car is a very important thing. Most owners would calculate the cost of car insurance. If you buy a car is his own rather than a loan to buy, you can choose the third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. Third party car insurance is very cheap, but its coverage is narrow, only the accident damage compensation of others. That is to say, if a car accident, it will only pay for the other car maintenance fee, need to repair your car is you out of their own pockets. Comprehensive motor insurance Singapore has a wide range , it can protect all of your rights and interests, if you had a car accident, the insurance company will pay your medical bills, the maintenance of the car and the subsequent expenses. But you need to pay higher insurance premiums. But many people do not have enough money to buy a car, can loan, if they want to buy a comprehensive car insurance also there are some ways to replace.

If your car is bought with you in the name of the loan, you can let your wife as a driver to negotiate with the insurance company. In general, middle-aged women buy insurance costs will be lower, they think that women are more careful, can ensure the safety of driving. If you ever have happened accidents, then they may ask you to increase motor insurance Singapore the insurance amount . The insurance company will accord to the owner of the age in different stages with different insurance cost calculation method, they think that the elderly's situation may be more security, so the elderly to buy car insurance costs will be lower. More importantly, the insurance company has a sales quota, if you buy an in insurance sales off-season, your insurance cost will be reduced, you even can compare their prices and advantages on the Internet to help you choose.

Some owners do not intend to buy insurance. This is because the cost of the insurance may be bigger than the car for a higher maintenance cost. Some owners would buy insurance before the car maintenance, if you want to do this, you should communicate with the insurance company. Because if you had a car accident, they will check your car, if you had no communication before, they will think you are a malicious diddle motor insurance  Singapore. Even a slight adjustment, such as changing the appearance of the car paint or broken tires, also calculates change. Insurance company is always looking for excuses to refuse to pay the insurance cost, you these changes may provide them with a good excuse. If you want to lodge a claim against you, you can find the insurance company claims center, let them for you.If you don't trust them or doubt that they will make an unfair decision for you, you also can ask the third party for identification.

Refused to sounds is a negative word, but for some possible damage to the interests of your suggestion, you should be rejected. Most of the insurance company will be in a car accident when you use a variety of reasons and excuse to reduce your loss, if you didn't tell them what's going on in the insurance agreement or not carefully read the terms and conditions, you may lose your motor insurance Singapore reparations. They will tell you, you can reduce the cost of car insurance each month, but they won't tell you, when you have an accident, your payment will be reduced. For the driver, it is a good thing, you need to pay insurance premiums each month, however, you may be a lifetime won't be an accident.

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