Augusto Pinochet
by Ryan Fischer

1) Profile of your leader

From 1973- 1990 Augusto Pinochet was the dictator of Chile. He went to Military school as a kid, graduated and rose quickly in the ranks in the Military. In 1948 Pinochet and Allende became friends he eventually promoted Pinochet to Commander of Santiago Garrison. 1973 Pinochet does a military a coupe and overthrows Allende, seizes absolute power for himself. The operation condor was a collaborate efforts among the governments Of Chile Brazil Argentina Bolivia and Uruguay the goal was to control the left dissidents such as the MIR and the Tupamaros. It consisted of Kidnappings Killings and assassination  of the right wing regimes in the listed countries. While Pinochet was dictator the economy grew, but thousands of people were killed and tortured. Some people still look back at Pinochet as a good dictator.

2) Audio/Visual/Artistic Element

3) Creative Piece

This video talks about Augusto Pinochet overthrowing Allende and seizing absolute power for himself in Chile. It talks about the power that Augusto had during his time as dictator an his ride to dictator.

4) Essential Question

Should Augusto Pinochet be remembered as a "good" dictator or a "bad" one?