Ancient Egypt

You Dream Trip Waits For You

Come and see this beautiful wonder of the world
Lets go back in time. To the point were pharaohs ruled Egypt!!!!

Go And Smell The Roses!!!!

Hello travelers!!!!! My name is Nick and I will be your travel guide, and do I have a deal for you. Do you want to know the wonders and mystery's of the Hot land on the continent of Africa known as Egypt. But we won't just see the wonders of Egypt you will be one of the first people to see one of the notorious pharaohs for thousands of years. Yep not just there body's. There flesh and blood. That's right we are going back in time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need someone to visit me.

Need Something Fun To Do?

Come to the Ramses Roller rink!!!!!

Need something to do well we got you covered Ah get it covered but seriously we got your back. Come and enjoy an awesome experience and com roller skate with the famous Pharaoh known as Ramses. It free for any child under the age of 5 but. If you are 13 and under it is $5.00. If you are 21 and under it is $10.00. If you are 50 and under it is $15.00 Anything above gets in free. If you are serving in the forces it is only $5.00.

Come and do your own mummification for only one price of $20.00. You can mummify anything you want. A cat, dog, and even a person!!!!!

Need A Place To Stay!?

We have the best hotels in all of Egypt!!

If you are thinking of staying for a while no problem. We have the best hotels in Egypt. If the Hot, Hot sun is getting to you come and go swimming in our beautiful scenery swimming pool. What a view of the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx you will have if you stay with us. Plus it is cheap. $75.00 for a family of five.

Come And Explore!!!!!

Need a ride?

Guess what day it is!! Guess what day it is!!!! HUMP DAYYYYYYYYYY!! WHOOT WHOO

Be like an actual Egyptian and ride a Camel or............ Travel in a more modern day style and rent a Dune Buggy. But these adorable Camels are waiting to be rented. You can have a full day on a dune buggy or be a real Egyptian and rent a camel for $50.00. Or rent a Dune Buggy for $150.00 (Bring your own helmet).

Now Time To Eat!!!!!

Come and eat fresh dates!!! Like An Egyptian!!!!

Be an Egyptian and eat just like they did. The King Tutankhamun Tavern. Here is the menu.


Fresh dates: $2.00

Fresh grapes: $2.00

Fresh pomegranates: $2.50

Fresh peaches: $2.00

Fresh watermelon: $3.00

Now time for the meat!!!!!

Freshly cut pork: $5.00

Freshly cut beef: $10.00

Freshly cut sheep and or goat: $5.50

Freshly cut geese: $2.00

Freshly cut ducks: $2.00

Any kind of fish : $2.75

Now For The Breads!!!!!!!

There bread was very rough and gritty $0.50


Beer: $2.00

Wine: $3.00

Milk: $1.50

Water: Free!!!!!!!!!

Time To Learn!!!!

You need to pack very white clothes it is going to be hot, hot, hot. Also pack some black eyeliner. You need the eyeliner so it will keep the rays of the sun out of your eyes. Plus you will look like a big angry football player.


Egypt is found on the continent of Africa were it is very hot. Were the Egyptians grew there crops was right along the Nile River. This climate is very hot and dry. 90% of Egypt is all desert.If you come at the wrong time the river will flood. The Nile River is different from all the other Rivers in the world because it flows from the south to the north.


These are a few of the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians believed and worshiped the gods and goddesses for over 2,000 years. Their gods and goddesses normal took the head of an animal. There were 6 Temples they are The Karnak, The Luxor, The Dendra, The Philae, The Madiant Habu, and last but not least The Kom Ombo. The Egyptians worshiped there gods for over 3,000 years. The Egyptians had no holy book. Temples was believed to be the place to worship there gods. They believed that there was a god for everything. Pharaohs were believed to to be gods on the Earth,

Daily Life!!!!!

Ancient Egyptians Daily life revolved around the Nile River. The Ancient Egyptians Built there homes around out of Mud Bricks.Many Egyptians worked as Farmers, Field Hands, Craftsmen, and Scribes (Scribes are people who write and read and they got payed for it!!!!). The Father was responsible to provide for the family. Their clothes were made of linen. The children played with dolls, balls, tops, animal toys, and a board game very similar to checkers. The most common Egyptian pet was a cat known other than The Sphinx. The children went to school between the ages of 4-14. When peasant Boys were married they married around the age of 14. But when Girls were allowed to marry they married at the age of 12. Taxes were easy back then were collected 3 times a year. The Egyptians loved to play instruments. Such as The Lute, Harp, and the Irye. They also liked to play Leap Frog, and tug of war.

Pharaohs & Government!!!!

The Pharaohs was the ruler of Egypt. The Vizier had the job to Oversee the land kind of like a prime minister. There are 3 important positions ranked under Pharaoh. They include 1. Vizier, 2. The chief treasurer, 3. The General of the Armies. The First ever Pharaoh of Egypt Was known as King Narmer. The Pharaoh created the first laws. The Priests had to deal a great amount in Egypt. All though they were ranked under the Viziers. There was an amount of 42 district governors. At the bottom rankings were the scribes, artisans, farmers, and laborers.

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