Charles Richard Drew

Sunrise: June 3, 1904
Sunset: April 01, 1950
Charles Richard Drew was an African American surgeon who invented different ways of storing blood plasma for transfusion. He also broke barriers in a racially divided America to become one of the most important scientists of the 20th century. Before going into the scientist road, he was a great athlete.

Country and Education

Washington, D. C. was where he was born and raised.  He studied at Amherst College, McGill University, Columbia University. In all the schools he attended, he was in the top 2 in his class. After his fathers death he returned to the U.S.A, where he became an instructor at Howard University in 1935. In 1936 he did a surgery residence at Freedmen’s Hospital in Washington, D.C., in addition to his work at Howard University.


With all that I researched, a lot of the websites really did not mention anything about his family. Besides the fact that his sister had died.

Mile Stones

1904 Charles Drew born on June 3, in Washington D.C.
1939 Drew married Minnie Lenore Robbins, and they had four children
1940 Completes his doctoral thesis, titled "Banked Blood: A Study in Blood Preservation".
1940 Drew was appointed medical supervisor of the "Plasma for Britain" project.
1941 Drew was named director of the newly formed Red Cross Blood Bank .
1950 Drew died on April 1, in an auto accident while traveling to a medical convention


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