Poverty Statistics

                                                                             By: Ka'Arie Tyler

What It Means

Poverty Is The State Of Being Extremely Poor.


As I've Been Reading About Poverty I Think That Poverty Is Someone That Is Really Poor. Someone That Have No Money Or No Where To Sleep. To Me Its Very Sad Poverty Is A Bad Thing. And In My Think What Poverty That's What Makes Me Think Of.

How It Happens

Poverty Usually Happens When A Child Parents Has Died Or When A Child Has No Where To Live. Sometimes It Could Be A Little Child That Their Parents Abandoned Them. And So Parents Lose Their Jobs And Have No Money To Take Care Of Their Kids And Its Really Sad.

Symptoms ?

Some people deliberately borrow things without any intention to return them. They hang-on to borrowed items in the notion that they need it much more than the owner who acquired it! Be it a pencil, a book, a 10 Bill And 50$ Borrowed item is not a gift, and as such must be returned or re-paid as and when due. Low self-esteem is a symptom of poverty consciousness.

People That Tries To Help ?

Social Security People Try To Help. Even Nice People Try Help  Its May Be. Lawyers Try To Help Even Other People Going Through Poverty would Try To Help. It May Be Alot Of People In The World That Would try To Help With Poverty And I Just Don't Know How Many Would .

Why Its Important?

Poverty is a disgraceful and unjust condition that has always haunted mankind. Most people see the problem as insoluble. They see previous solutions that have failed. Some even think that previous remedies have worsened the condition of the poor. They claim that assisting the poor increases dependency and produces a “culture of poverty” that persists from generation to generation. Some go further and blame the poor for their problems. They think many of the poor are shiftless, lazy, unintelligent, or even parasitic.



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