By Lauren DeStefano

Wither is a futuristic romance book that not many people have heard of. I first found the book by accident in my high school library. I think it was the cover that made me choose it at first, but when I started reading the back of the book I was completely hooked on it. Not many books grab my attention like this book did, and I was pleased to find out that it was part of a trilogy.

The book takes place in a futuristic America. The world has been turned into one big medical mystery after the discovery for the cure of cancer. Whatever chemicals made the cancer go away are also the responsible for curing the generations to come with the gift of youth for the rest of their lives. Although that might sound wonderful, the downside of it is that their lives only last for around 20 years for girls and 25 years for boys. Because of this the world has turned into one big market for girls. The rich want multiple wives to bare their children before they die, so girls are unwillingly picked up and sold for a profit.

The main focus of Wither is a character named Rhine. She is one of these girls that has been picked up off the streets and is being forced into a marriage she wants no part of. Although she is being treated well in the sights of her new and rich husband nothing seems to be alright for her. She has been separated from her twin brother and struggles to find a way to escape the life of false luxury that has been given to her and find her way back to him. As things progress and months go by she finally manages to escape, but what she doesn’t know is if what is inside the gates to her luxurious prison are better than what’s on the outside.

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