UTA Reflection

Brianna Aarstad

My first thought when I arrived on campus, was that it was a huge school! The part of the day that I enjoyed most was the science experiment. The science experiment was very interesting! The science part was my favorite, because of all the really cool things they showed us, which included experimenting with chemicals, dry ice, and carbon dioxide!  My least favorite part of the field trip was the question portion. Even though we learned a lot of answers from the questions students were asking, it was extremely boring.  I also didn't really enjoy sitting down all day, but it worked out perfectly with the rain and all!   My suggestions for next years field trip is possibly going to Lamar High School so we could get a closer look at our future high school! Although UTA is a very well educated college, I wouldn't consider going there myself. Personally, I would rather be closer to my family, and that might change, but for now I wouldn't apply to go to UTA. I learned a lot about the UTA school on this trip, and it was very fascinating! Even if we didn't have the campus tour, it was a very fun day!

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