Civilian Space Travel

Persuasive Essay

As time goes on, more and more ordinary people are traveling into space. But is this a very good idea? I don't think so. Do you really want to risk your life just to see the moon? Spending so much money to go to space is also a little excessive. And there is clearly no purpose for regular civilians to go into space. Space travel should be left to the experts.

So, what are the risks of space travel you may ask? Well, there are many. Space is not safe whatsoever. You may think, "Oh, we're in a big, safe, metal rocket! What could go wrong?". A lot more than you may think. With zero-gravity, protective gear is always necessary. With flying debris, you need to be aware 24/7. With the change in air pressure, your whole space vehicle has the capability to explode. Do you still want to take the chance?

Do you have tens of thousands of dollars to burn? I didn't think so. Space travel is extremely, unreasonably expensive. And for what? A picture of the moon and bragging rights? How about you save that money for taxes and bills, rather than boasting and bragging.

Sure, not everyone can go into space, but there's a reason for that. Yes, it is a once in a lifetime experience, I understand that. But how much are they actually going to help? Space travel has purposes. Astronauts with full experience could be receiving research and conducting experiments, as regular civilians are a waste of time, money, and resources to send into space.

Still want to travel to space? Well, keep thinking about that. Expensive, dangerous, and purposeless. Those are my most important points of many on why civilians should not go into space.

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