Lex is having a BOY!

"Snips and Snails and Puppy-dog tails, that's what Little Boys are Made of."
Little Levi will be joining us soon and our girls need some help in the boy department, so please join us for a celebratory brunch in Austin on December 6th.

We all know our Lex & Texi are the definition of "Sugar & Spice and all things Nice," so we need to help them out with all things BOYS!! Please join us at Christina's house on December 6th at 11:00 for brunch to help them celebrate. Anything related to boys would be greatly appreciated, and we'll be doing a diaper raffle, too.

Christina's address: 1901 Forest Hill Dr. Austin, TX 78745

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Kelsey Gonzales 3 years ago
Nicole 3 years ago
Judy Diggles 3 years ago
Celeste and Kai (+1) 3 years ago

Unless I'm in labor, we'll be there for sure! ;))

shannon (+3) 3 years ago
lex n tex (+1) 3 years ago

texi and I can't wait!

leacorvo Organizer
Natalie Tomlinson 3 years ago
Heather Tomlinson 3 years ago

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3 years ago

Can't wait to meet little Levi!