Skype or FaceTime?

In the beginning...

Skype was created in the year 2003 making it 8 years older the FaceTime, created in 2011.

Who Owns It?

Skype -                                                                        FaceTime -

owned by Microsoft                                                       owned by Apple

bought for $8.5 billion                                                    created under Apple and has                                                                                             always been owned by Apple

What does it DO exactly?



  • free
  • can pay to have more features
  • just have to download it


  • free on any apple device (ipod, iphone, ipad, apple computer)

Advantages and Disadvantages


NO available information of the statistics for FaceTime... though in 2011 (its first year of production) there were 78 million video calls made

Personal Opinion

I use FaceTime over Skype only because of its convince.  On FaceTime i just have to press a button and it rings, I don't have to log on, make sure the other person is on and then call. I do use Skype when I'm trying to talk to people who don't have an apple device. I like FaceTime because i personally get better video quality and I can use it on my computer and my iPad.

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