Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher: 'I look after my body'

Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher has had a tough year.

But following her divorce from husband Paul Sampson, the newly single star has a new body and a fresh outlook on life.

Kirsty, 39, who found fame on Sky Sports before taking part in The Games, presenting Only Fools On Horses and appearings on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, now juggles being a mum to sons Oscar, eight, and Jude, five, with her presenting career on Sky Sports News.

Here, she tells TV Extra how she dealt with her marriage split through exercise and why she’ll never be caught dead wearing a tracksuit.

How much time do you spend on your beauty regime?

I keep it very simple and I don’t use loads of different products. I cleanse thoroughly, I put moisturisers on at night, occasionally use eye creams and the odd exfoliation mask.

I just look after myself. I’m aware that I’m now 39, so I need to really look after my skin because it’s very important.

Do you wear much make-up off camera?

No. I wear so much make-up for work, especially because of HD TV, that I try not to wear foundation and I always keep my skin fresh and simple when I’m not at work. In fact, I didn’t wear one spot of make-up all of last weekend.

Because you put so much on there with chemicals and powders, sometimes you just want to let it all breathe and give back to your skin.

How do you stay in shape?

I exercise regularly. I’m very much into my training and fitness, and it’s quite intense.

I have a trainer I work with two to three times a week and we do a lot of resistance work like weight training. I don’t run on

a treadmill for hours on end; I’m more into my cardio fitness coming through weights, repetition, mini circuits and exercises.

I enjoy strength and conditioning, and I do a lot of stretching so there’s a Pilates element to it. I don’t hammer my body, I look after it.

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'I exercise regularly. I’m very much into my training and fitness' [OLDHAM]

What do you like about your body?

I have quite toned arms that I inherited from my mum. They take to exercise quite quickly so they’re the easiest part of my body to get in shape. For women, there are areas where you naturally put weight on, like your boobs and your bum.

So I’ve been working very hard and I’m just getting there with toning my glutes. You’re on your feet a lot with work, so how do you keep them looking good? My feet are really important and I look after and nurture them especially now it’s the summer.

Even when I have other things going on, I don’t forget about them. Scholl has loads of fabulous products for daytime and night-time, and my favourite must-have for the summer is the Scholl Diamond Express Pedi, which exfoliates my feet.

Do you eat healthily?

Yes. I’ve been in a healthy and fit zone in the last year since my divorce. It’s been

a tough, stressful year, so I had to really look after my kids, myself, my career, and my body. So I focused on being healthy and fit and feeling really good. When I’m doing all of that, I don’t want to eat rubbish. So now healthy eating is a way of life.

What treats do you allow yourself?

I don’t drink fizzy drinks but a glass of wine is an occasional treat. I don’t eat takeaway food, but I’ll have the odd treat meal like a pizza with the kids. Your career revolves around sport, your ex-husband was a rugby player and your dad is a former Ryder Cup captain.

So are your sons sporty too?

Oh, my God – very, very sporty! They are both obsessed by football and are really talented players. They also play rugby, tennis and athletics, and Oscar has just started playing cricket. They’re typical boys, which suits me, as my life off-screen doesn’t really change as sport is always on the TV in the house.

It could have been different – you actually studied fashion at college.

Yes, I went to London College of Fashion because I wanted to be a designer or a fashion writer. I was obsessed with clothes, colours, vibrancy and trends and the way fashion works. But when I graduated I was snapped up by Sky Sports and I went with it.

Who is your favourite designer?

I don’t have a specific favourite because I love lots of different designers. I love Stella McCartney, Chanel and I have massive respect for Victoria Beckham. I love her style, her clothes are fabulous and I’ve worn the odd thing of hers. They’re very similar to the way I like dressing, which is quite modern, simple and sexy.

How big is your wardrobe?

It’s not huge; I’m not one of those women who has a massive closet. I probably have more bags than anything. I invest in nice handbags and I’ll go and treat myself if I think I deserve it but I’m not a massive spender.

I’d rather spend money on the kids and our quality of life… I’m quite sensible. I’ll buy the odd thing but I’m very good at saying, “Right I’ve spent enough now.” I’ll mix high street and designer stuff, so it’s not all really expensive clothes. As I get older, I know what suits me best and I’ll go with it.

Which celebrities have the best style?

I’ve always admired Cate Blanchett and she looks amazing. She is stunning, elegant and she looks so calm. Any dress she’s wearing, I always think, “You are super-glamorous in that.” Angelina Jolie also has a sophisticated calmness about her choice in designs and wears clothes beautifully.

What wouldn’t you be seen dead in?

Baggy tracksuit bottoms! I wear tight leggings to work out in as they are comfortable, but tracksuit bottoms are not – plus I look awful in a tracksuit.

I’ve tried it and it was horrific.

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