Editorial Cartoons
by Duncan Eastman

World Destruction

World Destruction

1. The issue is the government's constant attempts to sugarcoat things to the point where the public is not getting the actual message.

2. There are no real people in this cartoon.

3. The scientist represents not only....well, scientists, but all people who can see past the government's attempts at making things less plain. The man with the briefcase and the man next to him represents the government.

4. The cartoonist's opinion is that the government's attempts of blindfolding its public have gone way too far, even to the point of cloaking a phrase such as "We Are Destroying Earth".

5. I completely agree with the cartoonist. If the government was honest to American citizens about more information, you wouldn't have the nice, unicorns and rainbows view of the world that most have grown to adopt, but we would adopt the capability to create a better civilization and better ourselves as a race if we actually knew, for example, the damage we were doing to the environment.

Sniffing Dogs

Sniffing Dogs

1. The event is the upcoming Sochi Olympics

2. There are no real people in this cartoon.

3. The dog on the left represents Russian officials' fight against terrorist threats, and the dog on the right represents Russia's fight against homosexuality.

4. The cartoonist's opinion is that Russia has made being a homosexual into such an abomination, that it is now viewed as equally evil in the eyes of Russian officials, and it's completely unjustified.

5. I agree. While many people have been killed by terrorist attacks over the last couple of weeks, the only injuries and fatalities involved with homosexuality is when officials such as the OMOH riot squad, have attacked homosexuals.

Groundhog bowl

Groundhog Bowl

1. The event is Groundhog Day happening on the Superbowl.

2. There are no real people.

3. The groundhog represents Groundhog Day and the Lombardy trophy represents the Superbowl win.

4. The cartoonist's opinion is that Superbowl commercials run way too long after the Superbowl has ended.

5. I do not have enough information. I do not know this first hand, since I have never watched the Superbowl until this year and don't have television to subject me to its commercials, so I am drawing a conclusion based on what I have heard from others, not what I have observed.


1. The event is teenagers' decreasing interest in news.

2. There are no real people in this cartoon.

3. The newspaper on the left represents the media, and the backwards hat on the right represents today's teenagers' drive to look cool above everything else.

4. The opinion is that today's teenagers don't care as much about news and newspapers than they were.

5. I agree. If you look at a couple decades ago, a kid's main source of income was probably having a paper route. Nowadays, I don't think I have ever seen a kid, except for the ones that deliver them, even looking at a newspaper because they are relying much more on electronic news sources and TV.

Women's Wages

1. The issue is the pay gap between men and women.

2. There are no real people in this cartoon.

3. The 77% of a dollar bill represents the pay gap between men and women, and the woman represents women.

4. The opinion is that all women are paid less than men, and it is simply because they are women.

5. I do not agree. In most workplaces, women do not get paid less than men just because of their genitals. It may be that women, as an average, receive lower incomes, but any boss that pays women and men different wages when they are doing the same amount of work just because of their sex would have a lawsuit on their hands.