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"Jets are Partners in Learning"

Volume 15

January 16, 2015

Week-in-Review: Photo Gallery

Partnerships in English 9

Partnership reading and summarizing in Eng 9. #jchsfaculty

Mrs. Riddle's English 9 classes are making partnerships in the reading instruction of "The Most Dangerous Game." This complex, lengthy short story is often tedious for students to tackle independently. However, creating student engagement and avoiding too much 'handholding' is essential in effective instruction of texts. Mrs. Riddle's students read in partners, chunked pieces of the text while compiling summaries in their notes and on their group white boards after having engaged in "I do" modeling from their teacher. This led to powerful conversations and student inquiry while maintaining high expectations and promoting confidence.

Partnership reading and summarizing in Eng 9. #jchsfaculty

Then to debrief, Mrs. Riddle had students set their boards on the tray upfront, and share and elaborate on their summaries. This led to class discussions of foreshadowing and character motive. It allowed students opportunities to learn from each other.

Homework Partnership Groups in PreAP Alg II with Trig

Mrs. Turner's PreAP Alg II with Trig classes are utilizing peer support in organized homework groups. Each member of the group is assigned a role varying from "basket case" (materials collector) to points keeper. Students review their homework in groups. They circle missed problems and highlight their corrections. If everyone in the group happened to miss the same problem and/or has difficulty with it, it is put on the board for the class to discuss as a whole group.

This method of grouping can be used in all subject areas and not just with homework. The grouping reinforces empathy. Students who lack confidence in the subject are not threatened or embarrassed, and advanced students get the opportunity to peer teach.

PreAP Alg II with Trig in homework groups#jchsfaculty #mcslearn

Mrs. Turner reports, "It works well and the kids really respect the process. We spend time the 1st day examining the learning pyramid and (whether or not you agree 100% on the accuracy of the retention percentages) the kids really see the value in active learning. With the honors classes, the real buy-in comes when they realize the TEACHERS in the group benefit greatly, not just the kids who need help!"

Partnering with UAH

Look at the new software theater tech is using for set building! JCHS received a two grants to work with UAH theatre professor, David Harwell, on software to design sets with copies of Vectorworks, CAD software for scenic design. To learn more about this fabulous opportunity, read the December 30, 2014 article in The Madison Record.

Jets Partner for Outdoor Classroom

Jets making plans for outdoor classroom. #jchsfaculty #jetlife #mcslearn

The Alabama Outdoor Classroom Program is partnering with students from the Serenity Club to create an outdoor classroom and learning stations utilizing the natural spring. Ideas for learning stations include water testing, weather stations, butterfly studies, soil profile areas, the possible use of the pond with donated aquatic wildlife and the list goes on. Teachers will have a survey made available to them at the January 28th Flight School which will assess teacher inquiry and involvement in the future use of the outdoor classroom. If your club or class would be interested in participating, please see Mrs. Williams.

Flight School Gallery

In Flight School this week, we evaluated the importance of student goal setting and its connection with Growth Mindset and Empathy.

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