About veterinarians

A veterinarian is person qualified to treat diseased or injured animals. They prevent diseases from animals from spreading to humans, diagnose animals with health problems, vaccinate and medicate animals, and perform surgery. You can go farther in this field and become a specialist like surgeon, dentist, or ophthalmologist(eye doctor). Most veterinarians work in private clinics or hospitals but some go out and work on farms, work in laboratories, or in classrooms. Veterinarians can get emotionally stressful because they work with sick animals and their anxious owners. You also have to deal with all the animals in the clinic. If you work with horses you might even have to work in all kinds of weather and in unsanitary conditions. While working with animals you also might get scratched or bitten. You also might have to work long hours. In 2012 every 1 in 3 veterinarians worked over 50 hours a week.

How to become a Veterinarian

To be a veterinarian you must a 4 year college of doctor of veterinary medicine. There are 29 colleges in the United States that offer this degree. Some applicants prefer to also get a bachelors degree. Most colleges also require science classes like biology, chemistry, zoology, and anatomy. You also may have to have a license to be a veterinarian. Most veterinarians also complete one year of internship. This job takes compassion, good decision making, interpersonal skills, good management, manual dexterity, and problem solving skills.


The median annual wage for veterinarians was $84,460 in May of 2012.

Job outlook

The employment of veterinarians will go up 12% from 2012 to 2022.


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