The Unexpected

By Noel Resor

Imagine putting pounds of protection on barely able to see because of thick goggles, barely able to hear because of covered ears, sweat pouring out because you work and live in a steam room turned into a suit. This is how I spend every day in the Ebola Treatment Center. I am an alien to myself when I look in the mirror, I can’t even think of how my patients must feel. Well, I know the children are fearful because they will shrink away. Adults understand the necessary evil at least, even if it still forces their heart to beat faster. I don’t always wear the suit, of course, just when I’m dealing with the sick or infected material. I wanted to help, I still do but at times it feels hopeless.

Some of my own friends have died, taken over by the virus they were helping to kill. So, as I work, I moan for my fallen co-workers and for every life lost to the hands of Ebola. I cry for the small child who I cannot even comfort for fear of infection and I cry for my best friend who vomited blood for hours before she died. Having hope is difficult in a world such as this, where a disease as merciless as the devil himself eats away at the population of my country. Still, I pray and do my work because every once and a while, someone gets better and that makes it so very worth it.

A Tragic Burial

By James Holler

Day in, day out, the bodies just keep coming. Day in, day out, the tears just keep coming. Day in, day out, the people can’t stop grieving. But we’re there for them all the same. Burying bodies isn't what I signed up for, but I’d never for a second consider leaving these people to bury their own dead and possibly spread the tragedy to their own friends and family. Burials, after all, are to help pay respect and see the dead off, to help close the wound, not make it bigger. But I should have known that I’d have to do something like this one of these days, not that it would have prepared me.

Yesterday, I had to bury a mother’s child. Only nine years old and it was her birthday that day. It was too much to bear and I cried with the mother, I had children back at home and I sympathized with her. To come home to your children, dead on the ground? I don’t know if I could really go on without Sarah and Jacob. I asked her “What was her name?” “Shala, my little angel Shala.” she managed through her sobbing. “She’s in a perfect world now, freed from the evils of the world, and she’s got a perfect body now in heaven.” I tried to console her, “She didn’t deserve this, nobody deserves this.” she said, becoming more coherent, “It all happens for a reason, it’s in these trials that God tests our faith and hardens us for further hardship. Mourn her, cherish the life you had with her, but keep on going for everyone who loves you so.” I nearly broke down as I spoke. As my words reached her ears, she took her hands from her head and smiled with tear-soaked eyes, “Thank you, thank you so much.” as we embraced, I realized just how human this disease is, and also realized that we must all now band together to stop any mother from losing her child ever again to this disease. It stops with us.

Nobody Gets Left Behind

By Tin Oo

Imagine if you had only a few more days to be with your son and daughter or else you would never see them again if you were to be taken away for care from people you don't know or anything about where they came from. It's why we keep quiet about the spreading disease here in the village. Family is the most precious thing we value the most in our lives. It's a heart sickening experience to be separated from the ones you love for even just a moment. My only two children are the only ones left in my family. My dear wife who left us behind died several days ago due to the outbreak of the virus. I did everything to take good care of her and stayed right by her side.

Right now I could probably care less about the horrendous condition I am in. For all the time I have left, I want to be with my son and daughter so they shall not feel isolated from me and feel much grief. Their presence is enough to give me strength and support to fight this virus off. My children are the ones in my belief that can help me cope with the pain. As long as I'm with them, I don't care about what's coming along my way to kill me.

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