The Skipper
By: Shelby & Suzie

A Skipper's job are normally captains of vessels on the seas. In this caseThe Skipper from the Canterbury Tales "came from Dartmouth by a farmer's horse (lines 399-400)." His appearance can be described as tan in complexion and wore "a woolen gown that reached his knee with a dagger on his lanyard (lines 401-402)." The Skipper traveled on his ships across the sea meeting many enemies he engaged in fights with. He fought his enemies with no guilty conscious and made his captured enemies pay a price. In lines 408-410 state, "the nicer rules of conscience he ignored. If, when he fought the enemy vessel sank, He sent his prisoners home; they walked the plank." As a captain of his vessel he knew all locations across the sea and navigate through all obstacles as stated through lines 411-414 "As for his skill in reckoning his tides, currents and many another risk besides, moons, harbors, pilots, he had such dispatch that none from Hull to Carthage was his match."