Modern Warfare

In World War I, also known as the " Great War ", many impactful war tactics were established and used such as poisonous gas, machine guns, tanks, and submarines. These advances have improved the technology and weapons that countries all over the world use today in battle.

Poisonous Gas

Poisonous gas was a weapon introduced by the German military and used on both sides during World War I. Due to trench warfare, the use of poisonous gas started in order to weaken the opponent without having to physically find and enter the trenches. These gases released chemicals into the air that could severely injure not only the external bodies of the opponent but also all the internal organs and can cause many fatal deaths. Germany used Mustard Gas which created blisters internally and externally within hours of exposure and severely weakened the opponent. It was nearly impossible to protect yourself from Mustard Gas unless you wore the gas masks that are pictured above.

Machine Guns

The use of machine guns made it possible to wipe out a full crowd of soldiers in only a few moments.These machines required many men to operate them properly however these weapons were much more affective then any other gun. The machine gun could shoot 450 rounds a minute from the ammunition belt that feeds the gun the bullets consistently.


The British introduced the use of tanks that became a very powerful machine that improved modern warfer exponentially. These tanks can go over any terrain and travel great lengths during battle. Tanks have evolved since World War I and are a staple weapon in battle today all over the world.


The fourth advancement of weapons for battle in the Great War was the introduction of the submarine by the German military. These submarines released missiles and torpedoes underwater in order to attack the opponent at sea.  Submarines advanced the technology of warfare at sea greatly and greatly impacted the results of World War I.


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