Rogers Park

Mary Kate M. And Cara C., Period 8, 1/16/14

Rogers Park is located in a community Area 1, 9 miles north of the loop. It's history dates back to the 1830s. Irish, Germans, lukemburgers, Russians, and European immigrants are some of the different types of people who live here. 34% of the people who live in Rogers Park are foreign born. There are 82 languages spoken in Rogers Park. Most immigrants came before the 1960s.

The history of the neighborhood is dates from the 1830s when Irishman Phillip Rogers purchased 1,600 acres of land. This land is now Rogers Park. The rail connections between Rogers Park and Chicago date back from the 1860s. Many people during World War II bought large to small apartments in Rogers Park. There was a large increase in people in 1893

Some attractions are Loyola University which was built here in 1909. There are 14 public access beaches at the end of a street. A lot has changed in the old neighborhood with a extensive beautification project, adding cobblestone streets, bike friendly pathways, and brand new el train stop.

Fun fact: Betty Ford was born in Rogers Park.