Heart Cancer

All About Heart Cancer

The type of cancer that I am researching is heart cancer,also know as sarcomas.Heart cancer is a rare form of cancer divided into tumors in the heart.

Cancer Symptoms

Some symptoms are sudden chest pain, sore muscles, and anxiety. Dizziness is also another symptom along with nausea.Rapid pulse,shortness of breath,cold skin,swelling,sweating,and weakness are some more symptoms. Some treatments are chemotherapy and radiation.  

Cancer Stages

There are four stages of heart cancer. In the first stage, the tumor is very small and remains in its' place of origin and has just started affecting the blood vessels. In the second stage, the tumor starts developing and affecting the areas and surrounding the origin. In the third stage, is where the tumor is reaching the level of severity or the level of harshness and has affected the heart. In the four and final stage, the tumor has metastasis or has affected every part in the body and has took complete control of the body. By this stage, the heart will not be able to purify the blood because the heart is affected so much. Id you are in remission, you will not move on to the next stage until you are out of remission. Remission is when you don't have to take any mediation and,however; you are not clear of the cance

Possible Causes of Cancer

The causes of cancer is unknown, but as within any cancer, the cancer starts inside of the cell and then starts to grow and the grow is uncontrollable. Some treatments used is chemotherapy and radiation is used to attack cancer cells and manage symptoms. Also, surgery and heart transplantation is also used.

Cancer Survival Rates

According to medical research, 8.3% in the early stages, 3% in the medium stages, and 0.9% in the advanced stages of heart cancer survive out of 14%. Even though 8.3% survive, 3.9% don't survive heart cancer.

Living with Heart Cancer

Heart cancer is very hard to live with especially when you are still confused on what's going on. Some people may ask them self,how long can this treatment go on.Well, it all depends on your type of cancer, your age, your overall health,how the cancer reacts to the treatment,or even how you tolerate the cancer. Some take shorter and some take longer times.

I know that cancer is a scary thing to deal with because my grandma had cancer. Always remember that someone is there for you and someone will be there to help you through it.

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