Back to the Jurassic Period
Chloe Osborne

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2 years ago

One day I was reading a book about dinosaurs and my brother Ben started calling my name. He told me to come in his room and I said okay. I carried the book in his room with me and started reading it again. All of the sudden the inside of the book started spinning. Ben put his hand on my shoulder. I told the both of us to close our eyes and when we opened them we were in the Jurassic time period.

We landed in the middle of two trees that looked similar. Then a T-Rex noticed that we had came into his territory. The T-Rex started to chase us. Ben and I ran into a cave and we found a left over spear. Ben said, "We should hide here for a bit until the dinosaur passes." Ben and I heard loud footsteps and felt the ground shake. We heard noises coming from inside the cave. I said, "Ben we have to get out of here." Ben said, "No we have to stay until the T-Rex passes so we don't get eaten alive." Finally we couldn't hear any footsteps in the distances so we left the cave. After walking about a mile or so we saw another dinosaur. It was a Patagosaurus. It has a red to it and you could tell it has scaly skin. It has a really long neck and tail. The Patagosaurus had not yet seen us but you could tell it was about to turn around. I told Ben that we needed to run and he said, "Okay Chloe lets get out of here and find somewhere else." Ben and I left and started to get to know the area we had come into. We finally found somewhere to stay for the night and settled in.

I started to read the dinosaur book I had brought with me. Everything had started to spin again and everything got really quiet. Then I saw people that I knew from 2015. I realized that my brother and I had arrived back into the present.