Mesopotamia a fun safe place to live

                                                                    By: Jaida

Come join King Hammurabi in Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia is an exciting place with many fun things to do

Where is Mesopotamia?...

   Mesopotamia is located between the Tigris and Euphrates river. If you moved to Mesopotamia you would live in the Fertile Crescent  which is a place where land is always perfect for growing crops. Mesopotamia has plenty of space for you and your family, and has plenty of things like fresh water to support your family.

Why should I move to Mesopotamia?...

1.   Mesopotamia has a good stable food supply. In the Fertile Crescent the land is always ready to grow fresh crops this is called agriculture growing crops and domesticating animals. In Mesopotamia we have created irrigation systems such as canals, dams,  moats, and levees to control rivers from flooding so we have even better crops which is an example of technology. This also includes fresh water. Mesopotamia is between the Tigris and Euphrates river so you'll never have to worry about finding fresh water.

2.     Mesopotamia also has a solid government, and is currently being ruled by King Hammurabi. Which is also social structure.  King Hammurabi may be strict but he is fair, that's why people like and respect him. Mesopotamia has a solid government because King Hammurabi makes laws and consequences to make sure Mesopotamia stays orderly.  We also have a solid government because everyone has the chance to present their evidence and their side in crimes.

3. Another reason you would love Mesopotamia is it is very safe. King Hammurabi has a strict set of laws so everyone is safe and people are more cautious. People follow King Hammurabi's laws because they are reasonable and easy to follow but if you break a law you will get punished. Sometimes his punishments can be harsh for example if you build a house with an unsafe structure, and it kills the owner you will be killed. I hope you consider moving to Mesopotamia.

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