The Overuse of Technology and How It Affects Physical and Mental Health

Senior Project Product

My paper was on the overuse of technology and how it affects the mental and physical health of others. To support my project and create an effective product I interviewed six people regarding their usage of technology while simultaneously using an unbiased method that disregards race and sex. Before interviewing, I had each person sign a permission form letting them know that the results of the interview would be seen by others and used in my project. Some people did not wish to be recorded or video-taped, so a transcript has been provided and has been signed by the student to prove it's accuracy and authentication.

Pictures of the permission forms can be found below with their respective transcripts. This is because some people did not wish to be video taped. There are some interview videos as well but they could not be embedded onto Tackk. They have been sent in an email.

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