Landlord/Apartment Manager of RMC Properties

Ally mager, may 8, 2014. Unruh

RCM properties is a family owned business that started in 1998 with the first purchase, Benford Court Apartment's. The owners, Rob and Connie Mager, then bought two fourplex's, and a property containing 28 condos. About two years ago they brought on their oldest daughter, Ashley, as the manager, and will soon bring on their youngest daughter, Ally. Rob and Connie plan on growing the business, and then having their two daughters run it as they grow in age.

The Requirements

At least four years of college, after completing High School. Accounting. management, and real estate classes are suggested. Those classes will incredibly help with running, and maintaining the business, and employes.

Future Outlook For The Daughters

Rob and Connie hope t have the business taken over by their two daughters, and continue to grow the number of apartments, increasing the revenue that is brought in. Also, to continue to strive toward a safer community in NE portland.


This is not a normal career, where you are set to specific hours. You go in during the morning, and when you finish your job you are welcome to come home. The goal is to finish successfully, an fast so that you can spend more time doing what you want to. The starting salary is around 30,000+.

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