The Fossa

       The Fossa is an animal in Madagascar. It is a mix of a puma and a dog. Fossas are the main predators of Madagascar. Fossas are mistaken cat family.They eat almost any thing.

       They are great climbers to keep balance they use their tails. To climb strait up and down tree trunks they use their claws. The adults weigh about 15 to 26 pounds. Fossas are rare animals.

           They are Madagascar largest predator. They eat a lot of lemurs. They are about 5 1/2 ft long. the fossa is a medium sized animal.

          Baby fossas are very small. They are so skinny you can see their ribs. They are so small their smaller than your hand!!!!!!!

           Fossas are mammals. Furry red, brown, and black. Fossas are related to mongoose. they can run up to 35 mph.              sand

Baby fossas

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