30,986,975 people as of July 2014

President- Ram Baran YADAV

Vice President- Paramananda JHA

Government & Economy

President Ram Baran YADAV

Federal Democratic Republic

Capitalist Economy

Nepalese Rupee

Equal to 0.010 of a U.S. dollar

GDP per capita- $1,500 Ranking- 205

Country's GDP per capita- $42.06 billion

Ranking- 104

Opinion on Economy

I don't feel the economy of Nepal is successful because they are one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. One quarter of its population is living below the poverty line. Nepal is also a very heavy reliant on remittances. It imports majority of its goods from India and some from South Korea and China.

Economic Improvements

Nepal could use their natural resources and sell them to gain more money. They could also create new products using the natural resources and sell those as well.

Literacy Rate-
M= 71.1%

Male Life Expedtancy- 65.88 years Female Life Expectancy- 68.56 years
Example of the traditional Napalese language and writing- Nepali


Phewa Lake

Phewa Lake is a freshwater lake in Nepal, south of the Pokhara Valley. You can also visit the surrounding cities, Pokhara city and parts of Sarangkot and Kiskikot.

Phewa Lake

Bardiya Nationa Park

This national park is in Nepal and was established in 1988. You can see at least 53 types of mammals, 407 bird species and the habitat to 642 faunal species

Bardiya National Park

Dharahara Tower

Also known as the Bhimsen Tower, this nine story tower s located in the center Sundhara, Kathmandu. Also open for visiting and touring around the city.

Dharahara Tower

Historical Timeline

Around 500 B.C.

~Small kingdoms and confederations of clans arose in the southern regions of Nepal

~Price that arose named Siddharta Guatama

~Renounced status and led ascetic life

~Became known as the Budha

Kathmandu Valley in 1769

~Gorkha King, Prithvi Narayan Shah, set out to create what is present day Nepal

~Embarked on missions seeking out arms and aid from India

~Brought neutrality boarding Indian kingdoms

~After several battle and sieges, he conquered Kathmandu Valley in 1769


~Led to a period of instability

~Plot in 1846 discovered that the current queen was planning to overthrow Jung Bahadur Kunwar

~Kunwar was fast rising military leader

~Led to the Kot Masacre where military personals and administrators loyal to rhe Queen executed several hundred princess and chieftains around the country

~In the end, Kunwar was victorious

~Kunwar founded the Rana lineage which is now known as Jung Bahadur Rana

Current Event

November 2, 2014

~Six people arrested with huge quantities of marijuana

~85 kg of marijuana

~Mulghat Police Post held the six offenders and the bags of marijuana along the Koshi highway

~Marijuana was originally being brought from Dharan to Dhankuta by van

~Police still investigating case

Nepal Company

Giribandhu Tea Estate

Giribandu Tea Estate is a large sized tea business based in Jhapa, Nepal. This company is the largest CTC manufactur for Nepal. It operates and runs two tea estates and a large and modernized processing plant.

Giribandhu Tea Estate

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