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Traditionally, when companies hired a PR firm they did so with the intention to get their name and brand out there in a more natural way than advertising - through newsworthy information they could share with the press and, ultimately, their intended audience. Today, public relations goes above and beyond the traditional relationships built with the press; a PR firm worth its salt builds an integrated campaign for its clients that harnesses the benefits of modern technology. That is why businesses still rely so heavily on public relations. San Francisco, being the sophisticated city, offers a much better way of PR, marketing, and advertising. So it’s important to do your research when finding the best Public Relations firm in San Franciscoto help elevate and challenge your brand.

The right PR firm will:

Include strategy in what it provides. It’s not enough to throw out a few ideas and progress on a project-to-project basis, no matter how successful those individual products. The right company will put together a “big picture” plan in which each element fits perfectly.

Grow your brand through storytelling. There’s no greater storytelling than public relations. Clients will reap great rewards from a PR firm that is able to craft the right story, one that is in line with how you define your brand and deliver it to the right people so that it reaches your intended audience.

Have solid relationships with the press. Ultimately, the best public relations will fall flat if the message can’t be delivered. Look for a firm that fosters great relationships with their press contacts.

Embrace technology. Today’s successful PR firm understands the nuances of social media, video production, and other technology so crucial to our businesses today. Look for a company that has a proven track record in delivering results in these genres.

It’s not enough to rest on your laurels. To stay engaged and successful, every company must embrace public relations. San Francisco, luckily, has a variety of PR firms ready to help you challenge and grow your brand.

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Trainer Communications is a high-tech integrated marketing and PR firm in San Francisco with award-winning media and analyst relations, and innovative communications and marketing programs that will help you generate new leads, attract investors and build a great team.

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