Project Life Budget

By: Ashlynn Frank

About Me

I am single with one child. I drive 48 miles to and from work to my job as a Registered Nurse.


I make an annual salary of $73,000 per year

I pay around $1,816 in taxes

My net monthly income is about $4,292.33

Established Expenses

For Health and Life insurance I pay $30 a month

For medical and Dental I pay $45 a month

$214.62 In savings

$42.92 in Charitable Giving

$100.00 for my Unlucky Chance Card

Chance Cards

Lucky Card: I won a new apron and $25.00 at the chili Cook - Off. But then I had to pay $100.00 for running into the car in front of me cause I took my eyes off of the road.

Personal Investments

I inherited stocks in three companies; 100 shares of Facebook (FB); 30 shares of Google (Goog); and 25 shares of Verizon Wireless (VZ). Total; I made $103,725.037

On day 1 I made $1,130.32 and on day 5 I made $5,295.7345.

Housing & Utilities

My House that I am going to get is located at 225 Glen Ellen Dr, Mankato, Minnesota. The cost of my house is $213,900. I pay a rate of $564.50 each month. This house has 3 bedrooms, 1 full and 1 half bath, 2,400 sq Ft, .23 Acres. It has heating and air conditioning, washer and dryer, dishwasher, garage, and other utilities. The year the house was built was in 1998.


I own a Ford Fiesta that is $26,485 but I will pay $376/month. My down payment is $2,800 and the amount financed is $234.52.

Since I drive 24 miles a day round trip.I will drive 288 miles in a month about.The maintenance is about $20. When everything is totaled up i spent about $236.66 on my car.

Home improvement and Furniture

For home improvement Iwill get a new 42'' LG TV for $45, a new lamp for $59.49, and a new kitchen table for $100.00. My total cost is $604.49 so I will pay $25.19 a month

My weekly menu consist of:

Monday: Breakfast- donuts with chocolate milk from gas station, Lunch- Grilled cheese with tomato soup; snack- cheese stick; dinner is hamburgers with potato chips.

Tuesday- Breakfast- Rice Krispies with a banana; Lunch- Hot ham and cheese sandwich with chips, snack- mandarin oranges; dinner- Tatar-Tot hot dish

Wednesday- Breakfast- blueberry muffin; Lunch- Hot dog with chips; Snack- Apple with caramel, Dinner- Toco Johns

Thursday- Breakfast- Pancakes with strawberries, Lunch- Pizza Hut Pizza; Snack- Grapes, Dinner- BLT sandwiches

Friday- Breakfast- Waffles; Lunch- Chicken Nuggets with fries; Snack- oranges; Dinner- Cheese Dunkers

Saturday- Breakfast- Eggs and toast; Lunch- lunch meat sandwiches; Snack Peaches; Dinner- Taco In a Bag

Sunday- Breakfast- Omelet and Toast; Lunch- Chicken Nuggets; Snack- Pears; Dinner- Chicken Salad

I spent around $94.48 on grocery's a month and I will spend about $1,133.76 in a Year.

Clothing And Accessories

I spent about $145.00 on one trip. I bought one adult jacket for $50.00, and Two pairs of kids shoes for $40.00, one children's dress for $40.00, and a child's jacket for $25.00.