Invention of the industrial Revolution


Telephone - 1875
Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone had a great impact on business and revolutionized personal communication. It permitted to save money and time, contacting people without having to travel, easily and rapidly. Can you now imagine a world without telephone?

Telegraph - 1836
Samuel F. B. Morse

The telegraph was a way to communicate faster and easier before the invention of the telephone. Prior to the telegraph, it tooks days, weeks, and even months for messages to be sent from one location to a far-flung position. In fact, politics and business were constrained by geography and were limited knowledge of national or international news.

Airplane - 1903
Orville and Wilbur Wright

Airplanes gave the possibility to go far distances and travel in other regions: further and faster. Airplanes also affected America for warfare because of the potential they could have. At present, uses for airplanes includes recreation, transportaton of goods and people, military, and research.

Sewing machine - 1844
Elias Howe

The sewing machine allowed clothing to become a mass produced item which  also helped other industries grow becoming an important part in the manufacturing of other goods. (Furniture with upholstery, automobile seats, curtains or drapes, towels, toys...) Today there are thousands of items that require being sewn.

Reliable steam engine - 1775
James Watt

""Before the invention of the steam engine, people used the power provided by animals, wind and water to farm, mill flour and transport goods and people from place to place. But none of these sources of energy were as reliable or perpetually renewable as steam. The invention of the steam engine helped drive the Industrial Revolution, which created new jobs for people and drew them to urban centers." "

photography - 1835
Nicéphore Niépce

Transatlantic Cable - 1866
Cyrus West Field.

Photography has a big impact on our society. Everywhere we go, everything we do, photography is around us. Commercial, illustration, movies, selfies... The inception of visual documents of personal and public history engendered vast changes in people's perception of history, of time, and of themselves.

Battery - 1800
Alessandro Volta

The transatlantic  cable could bring messages across the ocean from Europe to all of the world . Before its invention,  the fastest communication between Europe and North America took at least a week. So the idea was to link the continents together.

plastic - 1862
Alexander Parkes

Today, batteries are a major source of energy for toys, mobile phones , laptop and many gadgets. Alessandro Volta discovered the first practical method of generating electricity and invented a way to containing and transporting electricity. Our world would be totally different without this invention.

Typewriter - 1873
CHristopher Sholes

Pastics play an important part in our life. It has a lots of different uses, in an enormous and expanding range of products. Alexander Parkes created the first man-made plastic that will be a product  that will be used a lot in his futur.

There wasn't any pictures of this first man-made, but I think it is a very important invention for ou society.

Before its invention, almost everything was written by hand. It created an easier and faster way to write. It also hasd an effect on the future technologie like our computer.

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