Avon Middle High Academic Decathlon Meet - November 2014

Avon Qualifies for State Tournament!

On Saturday morning, 11/22/14, Twenty two members boarded the bus for Lowell High School

Good Morning Avon

This is the music we needed to know for the competition.  Gregorian chant was a great way to start the day.  (Although the team didn't really appreciate it when Mrs. London started playing on her iphone in Dunkin Doughnuts....)

Thank you to Julie, our bus driver who allowed us to stop at Dunkies so we could fuel up for our big day.  Thanks to senior, Meghan Damiano who was in charge of making sure we kept the bus tidy.

This is what our schedule looked like for the day

Taking tests.

Action Shot of Test-taking

Jack Kerouac went to Lowell High and walked across this stage. We think Shawn looks a bit like him.

First medal of the day went to Shawn Giannino, a recent addition to the team, who earned a (silver? bronze? - we will know soon) in Science.

Second medal was a Silver in Music and went to  to  sophomore, Fabienne Dessalines.

Both Fabienne, and senior, Russell Brache earned a silver in Economics.

Notice how the three medals overwhelmed the flash on the camera!

Yup, Fabienne again, (this time a GOLD in Language and Literature!)

Sophomore, Brooke von Ehrenkrook, an A student alternate earned the coach's medal for her amazing overall performance.

All of these medals, plus the solid contribution from other team members added up to many points, which meant...

W E   Q U A L I F I E D
S T A T E S !!!!!!

We were 5th in the small school division.  (Last time we qualified for states we were 16th.)  

Congratulation AMHS Acadec we have LOTS of work to do before March!  Go team!!!