The Sweetness at the
Bottom of the Pie
By: Alan Bradley
Genre: Fiction
By: Camille Walters

Alan Bradley

Alan Bradley is a Canadian mystery writer. He was born in Toronto, Canada in 1938. He his well known for his Flavia de Luce series, which starts with The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. Before he became a writer he worked in television broadcasting. Alan Bradley has received many awards for his books such as The Spotted Owl Award and many more. Here are some more of his books in the Flavia de Luce series:


The setting takes place during the summer in the 1950s in a small english village of a man named Bishop's Lacey. It also takes place in the Great House of Buckshaw. They also move around in the town in places such as a laboratory and more.

The Main Character

Flavia de Luce: She is eleven years old. She is also a roman catholic. She is the third and youngest daughter of Colonel de Luce. She wants to be a chemist. She has a weird obsession with poison. Also likes to ride a bike named Gladys. Flavia is unpredictible, smart, confused, lonely and many more things.

I found this really cool website that breaks down the rest of the characters, so here are the rest of the characters that are featured in the book:


Because I want the game to be the main way you find out the conflict and details, I am going to just give away some hints:

1. Her dad is seized and accused of something.

2. It starts off with a dead bird.

3. Her father, Colonel, tells a crazy story to Flavia

4. Death

5. Friends and family

6. Priceless Object


That is all I will be giving away for now.


The mood in this story is a little crazy. It was exciting , sad, crazy, and there were a lot of twist and turns. Also kind of creepy. But still really intriguing.


The theme I got from this book was definitely how much a family member will go through something to clear your name.Also that being protective over a family can take a lot of effort. Also that it is important for you to trust your family and friends because at any moment they could be lying to you.


I connected to this book because I am the youngest out of two older siblings. Because of this I was also the most spoiled one, but also my sisters were very protective over me. In the book although Flavia was the youngest she still cared for her siblings although they were mean to her.


My opinion on what I read was that it was definitely a very good book. I will say the beginning threw me off , but then I caught on. In the book there are definitely crazy, weird and twisty moments, which I loved. I really enjoyed it. It was one of the books that is hard to put down and also that you are scared to get up and like go to the bathroom. All in all I love this book.

Recommend to Who and Why?

I recommend it to those people out their who love mystery, creepy, and fun books. Also if you liked my last book talk, In Cold Blood, you will probably like this one too.  Also because I read it.